Legal Questions About the Age of Majority in South Korea

Question Answer
1. At what age is a person considered legally an adult in South Korea? In South Korea, a person becomes legally an adult at the age of 19. This age is known as the age of majority, which grants individuals the full rights and responsibilities of adulthood.
2. Can a person under the age of 19 enter into contracts in South Korea? No, individuals under the age of 19 are considered minors and are generally not allowed to enter into contracts without the consent of their legal guardians. This is to protect minors from entering into agreements that they may not fully understand or be able to fulfill.
3. Are minors in South Korea allowed to get married? In South Korea, the legal age for marriage is 19, so individuals under this age are generally not allowed to get married without the consent of their parents or legal guardians. This is to ensure that individuals are mature enough to make such a significant decision.
4. Can minors in South Korea be held responsible for criminal acts? Yes, individuals under the age of 19 can be held criminally responsible for their actions in South Korea. However, there are special provisions and procedures in place for dealing with juvenile offenders, taking into account their age and maturity level.
5. Are there any exceptions to the age of majority in South Korea? There are certain exceptions to the age of majority in South Korea, such as the legal capacity to engage in certain activities like driving, alcohol consumption, and smoking, which have different age restrictions.
6. Can minors in South Korea vote in elections? No, individuals under the age of 19 are not eligible to vote in elections in South Korea. The voting age is 19, which aligns with the age of majority in the country.
7. Are there specific rights that minors in South Korea do not have? While minors in South Korea have many legal rights, there are certain rights, such as the ability to engage in certain commercial activities or make certain medical decisions without parental consent, that are reserved for adults.
8. Can minors in South Korea open bank accounts? Yes, minors in South Korea can open bank accounts, but they may need the consent of their legal guardians and there may be certain restrictions on the types of accounts and transactions they can engage in.
9. Are there any specific legal protections for minors in South Korea? Yes, there are specific legal protections in place for minors in South Korea to ensure their well-being and best interests are safeguarded, such as child labor laws, education requirements, and protections against abuse and neglect.
10. How does the age of majority in South Korea compare to other countries? The age of majority varies from country to country, with some setting it at 18 and others at 21. South Korea`s age of majority at 19 is in line with the global trend of recognizing individuals as adults at a slightly older age.


¿A qué edad se es legal Corea del Sur?

Sumergirse las leyes regulaciones otro país siempre fascinante. Hoy, vamos explorar la pregunta “¿A qué edad se es legal Corea del Sur?” Esta una cuestión relevante las personas interesadas la cultura las tradiciones Corea del Sur, así como aquellos deseen viajar establecerse el país. Vamos desglosar las leyes relacionadas la mayoría edad, matrimonio, la Edad de consentimiento sexual el consumo alcohol Corea del Sur.

La mayoría edad Corea del Sur

En Corea del Sur, la mayoría edad adquiere los 19 años. Esto significa partir los 19 años, las personas consideradas legalmente adultas responsables sus propios actos. Esta edad marca el momento los jóvenes pueden votar, obtener licencia conducir asumir otras responsabilidades legales.

Matrimonio en Corea del Sur

La edad legal contraer Matrimonio en Corea del Sur 18 años. Sin embargo, los menores 18 años pueden casarse con consentimiento sus padres tutores legales. Esta disposición pretende proteger los derechos los menores asegurarse el matrimonio celebre manera adecuada.

Edad de consentimiento sexual

En Corea del Sur, la Edad de consentimiento sexual 20 años. Esto significa las relaciones sexuales menores 20 años consideran ilegales, independientemente si existe consentimiento parte la persona menor edad. Es importante tener en cuenta esta ley para evitar posibles consecuencias legales.

Consumo alcohol

La edad legal consumir alcohol Corea del Sur 19 años. Partir esta edad, las personas pueden comprar consumir bebidas alcohólicas legalmente. Es fundamental respetar esta ley y consumir alcohol de manera responsable.


Explorar las leyes sobre la edad legal Corea del Sur nos brinda una visión fascinante la cultura las normas país. Es importante familiarizarse con estas regulaciones si planeamos visitar o establecernos en Corea del Sur. Respetar las leyes costumbres locales es esencial disfrutar una experiencia gratificante cualquier país.


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1.1 “Legal Age” refers to the age at which an individual is considered legally competent to engage in certain activities in South Korea.
1.2 “South Korea” refers to the Republic of Korea, a sovereign state in East Asia.
1.3 “Contracting Parties” refers to [Party A] and [Party B] collectively, and “Contracting Party” refers to each of them individually.
Section 2 – Legal Age South Korea
2.1 The legal age in South Korea for various activities is determined by the relevant laws and regulations of the country.
2.2 The legal age for drinking alcohol, smoking, driving, voting, and other activities is stipulated in the laws of South Korea and may be subject to change.
2.3 The Contracting Parties agree to abide by the legal age requirements in South Korea and acknowledge that any violation of these requirements may result in legal consequences.
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